Win32API Tracer Application

Win32API Tracer Application

TNPLibrary aims at creating an OpenSource Tracing & Patching application that lets you trace any Win32API method from a target process with the ability to patch it at runtime dynamically.

Currently Tracing part is complete and a working version of Tracer is available for Download from SourceForge

Currently offers the ability to:

  •  Pause/Resume the capture
  •  Select different functions to trace
  •  Save the capture logs

Currently has the ability to trace:

  • Process/Thread creation/termination
  • Registry Key Creation/Deletion
  • Socket connection/bind/accept
  • CreateFile/CreateWindow/CreateDialog
  • more…

Tracer.exe Usage Instructions:

  1. After downloading the zip file from the above link, Start the “Tracer.exe” application from the “DynamicLinked” or “StaticLinked” directory.
  2. Enter the command line arguments for the target application
  3. Click on “Start” button.

This should display a window listing the API calls made by the target application. The File|Save option can be used to save the log entries


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